About Us

Bantex arrived in Australia in 1972 to begin production and marketing of a high quality range of Danish style office products.In a short time, Bantex became synonymous with quality locally manufactured products especially in the Binders, Files and Filing Products categories.This reputation continues today, where Bantex is regarded as the market leader in Insert Binders, Lever Arch and Filing.

Bantex customers have driven many product ranging decisions over the years.This together with a ongoing supply of new products developed by the parent Bantex in Denmark, has seen Bantex grow into the strong suppliers it has become to the office products industry.

Our Story

Bantex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of office products that distributes in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Bantex Australia is a licensee and wholly owned Australian company focusing on its local customer needs. With a worldwide network Bantex Australia is able to take advantage of the best opportunities from its global manufacturing, whilst still taking great pride in producing local manufactured products.

In March 2018 Bantex Australia entered into a “principal partnership” arrangement with the Hamelin Group from France. Hamelin Group now have a controlling interest in Bantex in Australia and will be working closely together to ensure the best products for the office products industry.

The family-owned Hamelin Group, whose brands include Oxford and Elba, employs more than 2200 employees worldwide and has global revenues of around $640 million.

With its Head Office in France, Hamelin is a well regarded business focused on developing and marketing innovative office products.

The Australian company is from May 2018 to be known as Hamelin Brands and will continue to market Bantex and Quill brands, as well as new and exciting brands to be launched in the future.

Bantex internationally pursues the ISO9002 quality assurance mark, making sure their customers receive internationally acclaimed products at best value prices.

Conditions apply, please contact our friendly customer service representatives on 1300 655 667 for further information.



Bantex Group history timeline from 1972 - 2015